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CORT Bass Clinic in Amsterdam on Sept., 25th

On September 25th in coorporation with Key Music Netherlands, De Bassist Magazine and Cort Guitars we organize a Clinic With Jeff Berlin Endorser for Cort Bass guitars at the Q-Factory, Amsterdam.

Bass legend Jeff Berlin

26.08.2019 - 

For over forty years, Jeff has been heard and heard on dozens of recordings and countless live shows by many exceptional artists with his innovative bass playing. 
Working with jazz / fusion virtuosos like Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, Larry Coryell, Yes, Billy Cobham, Scott Henderson, Dennis Chambers, John McLaughlin and Michael & Randy Brecker, Jeff has established himself as one of the most influential bassists in the world.

Jeff Berlin is not only a bass legend, he is also one of the most charismatic teachers of contemporary jazz & fusion on the bass. 
In a nutshell, nobody teaches how Jeff does it. He is an outspoken critic of many popular learning concepts in bass playing. 

Jeff demonstrates the weaknesses of these learning methods and then demonstrates how his well-founded concept leads to better play. 
Even music teachers who want to develop in terms of teaching methods, as well as non-bassists and beginners get a lot of new impulses to deal with their / an instrument.

Jeff has a very interactive way of showing. Participants can demonstrate their skills and Jeff will show you tips and tricks on how to improve effectively. 
Also questions and criticisms are desired - each participant should be able to take home for themselves the most from this Clinic.

Jeff would like not only typical Bass players to come to his clinic, but in general all sorts of musicians and all people that are interested in playing an Instrument. 
Jeff’s approach is to show people how easy it is to pick up an instrument and play with joy and enthusiasm.

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