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BIAS HEAD, RACK and AMP now with reverb!

Positive Grid

16.11.2017 - 

With immediate effect the  POSITIVE GRID devices BIAS HEAD, RACK and the software BIAS AMP will be updated free of charge with a professional reverb.

Nine different types of reverb can be selected and customized according to the personal needs.

Professional guitar amplifier heads rarely include reverb, even though it’s a vital effect for guitarists. When we were designing BIAS Head, we wanted to squeeze every drop out of our DSP horsepower to provide not only the most authentic amp feel we could, but also to optimize the patch-switching speed for live playing - which meant not including a reverb initially.

However, at Positive Grid we are passionate about listening to customers. The top request worldwide has been to include reverb in BIAS Head and Rack, so after many sleepless nights and a few near-overdoses of caffeine, we are now pleased to offer nine different built-in reverbs in BIAS Head and Rack!

More than just a simple two-knob reverb, you have controls for reverb type, decay time and mix, as well control of Damping (which simulates absorptive material in the room, reducing high frequencies), Lo and Hi Cut, and Dwell (which operates like a saturation control). The most versatile amp on the planet just got more versatile!

The firmware update can be downloaded free of charge on the
www.positivegrid.com. More information: positivegrid.com/bias-head and positivegrid.com/bias-amp


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