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STENTOR stringed instruments

High quality stringed instruments

Welcome to STENTOR - the leading manufacturer of student stringed orchestral instruments worldwide.

Stentor Streichinstrumente

STENTOR violins, violas, cellos and double basses are recommended by teachers and music services everywhere.

STENTOR strongly believes that each child should have an opportunity to play a musical instrument and that music should be a part of everyone's development throughout their life. All students should have access to musical instruments that are easily playable and responsive in sound.

The instruments must be available at a reasonable cost so that all those who wish to learn to play are able to do so. STENTOR has worked over many years with teachers and educationalists to achieve these goals.

Since the 1960s, more than one million young musicians have begun their musical careers with a STENTOR instrument. Many of these same violinists and string players are now to be found in major orchestras and the teaching profession throughout the world.

STENTOR sells more orchestral stringed instruments than any other company internationally and offers unequalled value.