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HOHNER harmonicas

Harmonicas for every musical style

The harmonica (or harp) may be tiny and wieldy, but it is nevertheless an instrument capable of producing colorful and powerful music.

Steve Baker Hohner Mundharmonika
Steve Baker

Only a handful of other instruments even come close to its capacity to express the musician's innermost feelings.

Fitting in your back pocket, this instrument can follow you anywhere. With models for almost any music genre, the harmonica is easy to learn and plain fun for both young and young-at-heart players.

Market leader HOHNER has the perfect models for any music genre, be it for beginning players or seasoned professionals. A lightning-fast response of all tones in any register is the hallmark of a genuine HOHNER harp.

The use of specially formulated alloys for the reeds as well as ultra precise stamping and milling machines produces a pristine sound quality and ensures maximum durability of the instruments.

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