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HAGSTROM guitars

The legend is back - Guitars from Sweden

In 1958, Hagstrom of Sweden started building its first electric guitars.

Pat Smear Hagstrom
Pat Smear

In the 1960s, models like the Viking, Swede and Super Swede became true classics, thanks mainly to their innovating features and original designs.

After a 23-year break (production was temporarily halted in 1982), HAGSTROM decided in 2005 that it was time to rock the guitar business again. The new HAGSTROM line builds on the brand's time-tested tradition of combining innovation with a distinct design.

Under the watching eye of HAGSTROM engineers and quality assurance officers, carefully-selected materials are assembled to high-quality, toneful and stylish guitars in Asia, which explains their customer-friendly pricing.

HAGSTROM is equally daring and original when it comes to marketing its products: cross-promotion actions like the HAGSTROM/Nitro project and the HAGSTROM/Absolut Vodka cooperation managed to prop up brand recognition way beyond the music industry. Needless to say that this approach has made the brand attractive to young, self-assertive musicians who like the "indie image".

The legend is back!

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