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Fans of the ARP Odyssey still love its legendary sound. It's like he never left.


The ARP Odyssey was manufactured from 1972 by the American company ARP Instruments, Inc. and quickly enjoyed a steadily growing fan base among musicians. It was inexpensive, easy to play and transport, and its developers kept improving it over the years. Despite good sales figures, production had to be discontinued in 1981 due to economic problems and the beginning of the digital revolution. The ARP Odyssey has shaped countless hit songs of its time with its sounds and is still very popular among musicians as a synth classic.

In 2015, Korg brings the ARP Odyssey back to the present. Thanks to expert advice from David Friend*, co-founder of ARP Instruments, Korg was able to reproduce the original circuitry for those artists looking to revive classic sounds and explore new ones. Together, Korg and Arp engineers were able to completely reconstruct the sound and feel of the original. Every detail, down to the semi-hardcase had to match the quality of the original.